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It’s no secret that parenting has changed over the years. Parents are more hands on and less trusting than they used to be. And we could list all the reasons for that, but the fact is, we want to do things with our kids. As a parent to two children, I want to be involved in my kid’s lives and that certainly includes summer camps. Overnights make me nervous, and I am leery of sending my little girl to a week-long overnight camp, so I know that I am not alone in that.

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At this camp, parents/legal guardians/grandparents will stay WITH their children in individual family units. The attending adult cares for their child’s individual needs without fear or worry that something will be overlooked. The attending adult has fun WITH their children, and builds memories to last a lifetime, as well as friendships with other adults and kids on the district.

As your director, I bring to you years of experience as a Lead Pastor, a Children’s Pastor, a Family Camp Director, and a Children’s Camp Director. Our first year doing this new camp had so much success and we look forward to another building year. 

Last year was only a 3 day experience, and things were jam packed with a whole lot of fun and learning for both kids and parents. We are adding a fourth day with just as much packed into it. You will not be disappointed, and you will still leave wanting more. Together, we're going to have another incredible Children’s Camp experience. It will bring our kids closer to us and ultimately lead them closer to Jesus. 

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